Medical Respite Patients

Wally (an alias suitable as we often wondered where he was) is 62. He came from a wealthy family and had a very successful business, and also was a culinary chef.  He was found by an “angel” –that God had sent to Tucson to help the homeless–in filthy conditions in the desert, struggling to breathe, without many of his medications and on a walker with little ability to stand or walk. He did not have medical insurance even though he had been in hospitals many times but somehow steps were not followed, or because he had no address and other obstacles kept him from securing the insurance coverage.   They put stints in his heart and did oxygen therapy for his COPD. He had also been in nursing homes for the length they would allow (30 days)–to regain some strength–4 times in the last 12 months.

Seeking to find help for him, she contacted Hope of Glory for information on medical respite beds though the program was not fully in place at that time.   We suggested the Salvation Army and they reserved a bed for him and assisted in helping him apply for medical insurance.  From there he went to the Primavera Men’s Shelter, also in a medical respite bed until his legs gave out and was taken to St. Mary’s and then to a nursing home again.

Wally now had hope for his future and applied for Social Security Disability—on his own– AND miraculously received it in 2 months!  (With a lot of prayer and trusting God for His provision!)  He was discharged from the nursing home and planned to go back to Primavera until he was approved, but his bed reservation got messed up.  That same day he heard from Social Security that there was a check at the nursing home for him!  He was able to get a motel until he had a bed at Primavera and is now awaiting God’s next move into a better life.  He ended up in St. Francis shelter in one of their four medical respite beds and is doing very well.  He now has moved to Florida (a better climate for his physical challenges) and has his own apartment.  GOD IS GOOD!