GivingTuesday NOW!

Mark your calendar

& remember the homeless on

May 5th

#Giving Tuesday NOW is a global day of generosity and unity, a day to come together and give back in response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19, no matter who or where we are.

CONTRIBUTE Is defined as: to give, donate, come up with, hand out, grant, bestow, provide, supply, furnish, chip-in, impart, add to, promote.  All of these definitions are action words for helping another.

We at Hope of Glory are thankful for those who want to CONTRIBUTE to the cause that we have championed for over 25 years.

During the COVID-19 epidemic we are seeing a refreshing compassion, with zero intimidation, fear, or confusion—a new type of spiritual special forces, ready for whatever the assignment is.  We hope you will join us in the fight to alleviate homelessness by CONTRIBUTING your time, talent and treasure in multiple ways:

  • Helping the guy panhandling on the corner
  • Seeing that surplus food, clothing, etc. is given to those in need
  • Blessing someone else with a pair of shoes when you buy shoes for yourself
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
  • Sharing with others how God has sustained you

These are just a few ideas, but we know you can come up with more! And let us know about the innovative ways you have chosen to CONTRIBUTE so we may share them with others and celebrate with you! You will also be added to our Hall of Heroes at !

Those interested in learning more about ways to CONTRIBUTE check out More stories on businesses and organizations helping frontline workers, vulnerable populations and businesses in need of support can be found at